Matcha Salt Flakes

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Ingredients: matcha, salt

Origin: Japan, South Korea

Introducing our own hand-made Matcha Salt Flakes 

Uses: as a garnish or seasoning. Pastas, dumplings, salads, mousses, pastries, green tea martini, tea-based cocktails.

We blend kosher salt flakes drawn from the Pacific Ocean together with an organic matcha from Uji, Kyoto to produce Matcha Salt Flakes. This is an umami-packed combination, the marine and nori notes of the green tea is bolstered by natural sea-salt.

Note the two ingredients used are individually, of worthy standing. Firstly, the green tea is a proper drinking matcha, made from ground sencha leaves only - no stalks - to give it a cleaner, fresher taste. It is made from shaded tea bushes as evident by its bright chlorophyl-rich lime hue.

The salt has also been harvested naturally without the use of any chemicals, additives or drying agents. The salt is in the iconic kosher salt shapes, tiny hollowed pyramids ideal for easy crumpling and dissolving. 

Our bright green matcha salt draws attention as a garnish while adding flavour in seasoning, curing, brining and pickling.