Li Shan

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梨山 (Li Shan)


Li Shan, Nantou County, Taiwan 

At above 2000m altitude, tea grown in Li Shan (pear mountain) offers a noticeably sweet citrus note. Altitude does create an ideal condition for tea, with its fog blankets shielding harsh sun rays and offering long periods of moisture - night time temperature also drops significantly at this height, halting metabolic rates of the tea leaf and thereby retaining much of its natural vitamins, minerals and flavour.

The winter pick of the Li Shan oolong has such key characteristics "frozen" in its genetic structure. It is a lightly oxidised tea, bruised mainly on the tea leaf's edges. Pineapple, longan and honey dew notes predominate with a floral backdrop.

Dry leaves: lime and green clusters
Liquor: light yellow colour 
Taste: pineapple, honey dew, jasmine, longan, cashew
Process: withered, lightly oxidised, rolled and baked


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