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Why we chose this: a choice of the Chinese diaspora, tugs on the heartstrings of the homesick

Having a good light soy is the cornerstone for nearly all Asian cooking. If you want to lay your foundations right you’d wanna go with the choice of the Chinese diaspora.

PRB was the first brand of soy sauce to be exported from China. So not only was their reputation at stake, they had to represent this important condiment right for an entire culture. And boy, did they live up to their ambitious vision statement "where there are Chinese, there is Pearl River Bridge Soy Sauce". Nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find a Chinese household without a bottle of PRB soy.

The Superior Light Soy ferments using traditional techniques, making use of non-GMO soybeans and wheat flour and the gorgeous Southern Chinese sun (100 days natural sunshine fermentation).

What results is a sauce with plenty of high notes to cut through rich or gamey meats and a kick to liven up more subtle steamed and boiled dishes.

Taste: Good high notes, balance of saline and acidity, and notable aged soybean flavour

Uses: For most Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai dishes that call for a light soy and translates well even in other Asian cuisines including Japanese and Korean. Great for those who don’t want multiple soy sauces. Yes, use it as a dipping sauce for dim sum and dumplings, use it as you cook stir fries and braises; add a splash at the end of your cooking e.g. steamed vegetables, tofu, fish and; marinate meats - combining it with sweet soy when the recipes often call for a salty vs sweet interplay.

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Ingredients: Water (46%), salt, soybeans (29%), wheat flour, potassium sorbate (E202).

Packaging: Medium table sized glass bottle with flip lid.

Storage instructions: Tightly close lid after use and keep refrigerated. 

Allergens: Contains soy, wheat.


Product of Hong Kong

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