King Peony (Wang Mu Dan) OG+

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王牡丹 (Wang Mu Dan) 


Ciaqing Co-op, Zhenghe, Fujian, China

The King Peony are pickings that consist of one young shoot and one leaf (stalk attached to both). The creators of King Peony wanted to marry the best of each end of the white tea spectrum. The Ciaqing team set out to draw the delicate sweetness of a premium silver needles coupled with the fuller mouth-feel and aftertaste of a spring-picked white peony.

The King Peony achieves exactly that. A light yet tangy cup with freshness that lasts.

Dry leaves: one bud, one leaf - bud is needle-like covered with white downy fur and leaf is light green with some amber
Taste: young peach, tangy, fresh forest
Process: organically grown, withered and baked


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