Hotpot Bundle

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As hotpot recipes vary so vastly, the below is not a recipe but a general guide as to how ingredients within this bundle can be used. The ingredients were curated based on their ability to be used across many different hotpot styles.

Ingredient Uses

1. Bean vermicelli: Follow our regular instructions or simply lower noodles into your hotpot. This is often the main staple in hotpot dishes.

2. Sesame oil, black vinegar and light soy: Can be added to hotpot broth or used as dipping sauces.

3. Seaweed/Laver: Used mainly as garnish but can be submerged in broth too.

4. Shiitake: A great base ingredient for the hotpot's soup flavour. After softening in water for min. 30min, drain, rinse and add to your hotpot and cook until tender.