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紅水烏龍 (Hong Shui Oolong) 


Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

If you haven’t got yourself a loungey chaise, now is the time. You’ll also need a soft robe with matching slippers. And especially if you’re a recently liberated Canberran, roll up a plump one, rest it on a side table.

You ought to set the scene right to do the Hong Shui justice. After all, they did rest this spring pick tie guan yin sub-varietal for six months to then take three whole days to low bake-finish it for our enjoyment.

They took their time, as should you.

Rinse it, then savour the aroma of the wet leaf. Now eeeasy partner, I know you’re jonesing but exercise some restraint. Breath it all the way in before brewing your first cup. Your virgin sip will then coat your tongue with an unforgettable golden syrup. Subsequent ones will follow through with grenadine, cherry and biscuits.

Dry leaves: small amber clusters
Liquor: amber with pink hue
Taste: golden syrup, pomegranate, biscuit
Process: withered, 60% oxidised, shaped, rested, slow and light ember finished

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1tbs/8g 90 rinse,
1:00 x1
0:45 x1
N/A 0:15 rinse,
0:50 x1
0:25 x1
0:15 x2