GABA oolong OG+

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佳葉龍茶 (GABA Oolong) 


Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

The GABA process of oxidising tea with nitrogen rather than oxygen was an attempt to enhance the leaf’s ability to lower blood pressure and increase relaxation.

While the jury’s still out on the extent to which a brewed substance can transfer GABA benefits to your system, the resultant effect on your palate at least on this instance is less debatable.

This nitro-oxidation has given this rolled-oolong flavours akin to the bug-bitten oriental beauty oolong. A refreshing champagne flavour with a rosewood bouquet.

Dry leaves: brown and dark green clusters
Liquor: amber
Taste: champagne, rosewood
Process: withered, nitrogen oxidised, shaped, baked

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1tbs/8g 90 rinse,
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0:45 x1
N/A 0:15 rinse,
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