GABA oolong

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佳葉龍茶 (GABA Oolong) 


Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

This year’s GABA-O is completely different to the previous and on first smell and taste you’d know immediately why we dropped the baked finish this time.

Oh the aroma! Honeycombs and daisies, tropical fruit cocktails, jasmine wreaths - why mess with this season’s blessed offering?

Whilst we dropped the post-firing normally used to inject some caramelisation, what remains is the GABA process. Nitrogen rather than oxygen is still used to heavily oxidise the tea (this time 85% oxidation) in an attempt to enhance the tea’s ability to lower blood pressure and improve relaxation.

Dry leaves: green clusters
Liquor: yellow
Taste: bush honey, passionfruit, mango, rosewood
Process: withered, nitrogen oxidised, shaped


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1tbs/8g 90 rinse,
1:00 x1
0:45 x1
0:15 rinse,
0:50 x1
0:25 x1
0:15 x2