English Breakfast OG+

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Chardwar Estate, Assam, India

Want a step up in your EB game? A TGBOP (Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe) grade means that whilst the cut is short allowing for a fast infusion, the abundance of golden tips gives it enough flavour such that blending is not required - a straight up single estate English Breakfast. 
What you get in the cup is just as simple and clean. Mellow Assam chocolate will be a comfort to the hearts of many EB loyalists but without the extreme high or low notes sometimes associated with blends. Just a long, balanced easy cup with or without milk.
Less is more is the approach we’ve taken with this offering. No added pesticides or fertilisers keeps things lean and clean at Chardwar Estate. 
Dry leaf: short, tippy cut
Taste: mellow malt, chocolate
Process: organically grown, fully oxidized
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1tbs/8g 90




Alternate brew methods 

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