Dong Ding (Medium Roast) OG+

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东定 (Dong Ding)
Wuser Garden, Nantou County, Taiwan
Way up yonder above a 1500m elevation rests the wintery Wuser Garden where this Dong Ding is nurtured.
As the foggy days and cold evenings slow the plant’s metabolic rate, nutrients are hoarded, intensifying flavour. As if that didn’t suffice, the makers took it up an extra notch by applying a medium roast finish. 
The result is an oolong with many layers of complexities.
Despite the roast finish, there is absolutely no smokiness. Instead, the heat from the finishing drum lends a hint of warmed walnut to the ripe rockmelon notes iconic to this Wuser sub-varietal. On the leaves' first contact with hot water, the flavours intertwine and come gushing to the fore, luring passersby into complete surrender.
Dry leaves: tanned leather and green clusters
Liquor: amber
Taste: hazlenut, rockmelon, muscatel, hojicha
Process: withered, lightly oxidised, rolled and baked, medium roast finish


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