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Why we chose this: they are fragrant and comes whole, so you can lend flavour without overdoing it

Whole cloves are dried flower buds of the clove tree, their short sceptre-like shape earning them the colloquial name “chicken tongue” in Chinese. It’s one of the ingredients in the famous “Five Spice” although given its strength in flavour, the ratio of this in the classic spice mix is usually limited.

That’s why having them whole is a practical way of adding that aroma without fear of over-powering your dish. Simply drop a couple in your broth and let flavour slowly infuse.

Taste: Mild heat, warming, nutmeg, sweet orange peel, bitter when overused.

Uses: Making your own five-spice blend or broths, marinades and glazes with  chicken, pork and carrots. Used in Chinese, Taiwanese and of course Vietnamese classic pho – where collagen-dense, meaty dishes and broths are called for, spices like cloves help cut through some of the richness.

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Ingredients: Whole cloves

Packaging: Ziplock heat-sealed small Kraft pouch.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool dry place. 

Product of India