2014 Shou Pu-Erh Tae Tea "Menghai Star" Ping Cha 357g

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TaeTea (Dayi Tea Group, Menghai Factory), Yunnan, China

Made for those who want to take their first dip into ripe pu-erh, the level of fermentation and resultant funk is deliberately held back. The tea delivers as intended - a long, mellow of warming chocolate and pecan notes, delicately balance with a drier, woody finish. The brew is on the lighter end of shou pu-erhs, less viscous but easy to drink and envigorating.

Dry leaf: compressed, brown, with a blueish tinge, consistent material 
Taste: mellow, chocolate, pecan, some woodiness
Process: pan-fired, sun-dried, rolled, post fermented, compressed
Storage: Break up the disc in pieces and keep in a clay caddy. Clay pores and occasional opening introduces the right amount of oxygen that help the tea develop character over time.
1. Pre-heat a 150ml Yixing (clay) pot with boiling water
2. Add 8g of tea and rinse the leaves for up to 10 seconds
3. Brew using 90C water for 20-30 seconds
4. Can be infused >10 times